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Biden DOJ argues it should substitute for Trump as defendant in lawsuit 

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The Justice Department argued in a brief filed Monday that it should be permitted to substitute itself for former President Donald Trump as defendant in a defamation lawsuit brought by a longtime magazine columnist, E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of rape, continuing the argument it had initiated under the previous administration even as the White House has changed hands.
"Then-President Trump's response to Ms. Carroll's serious allegations of sexual assault included statements that questioned her credibility in terms that were crude and disrespectful," Justice Department lawyers wrote in a brief to the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals. "But this case does not concern whether Mr. Trump's response was appropriate. Nor does it turn on the truthfulness of Ms. Carroll's allegations."
Rather, the lawyers wrote, because they believe Trump was an employee of the government and that he acted "within the scope of employment," the department, rather than Trump personally, should serve as defendant in the case.
In submitting the brief Monday, the department continued the argument it has been making for months: that a president's comments are an official function of his job, even if they pertain to a personal matter. Since it first took that position, however, Trump has been replaced by President Joe Biden, and while the brief the department filed included plenty of unkind words regarding the former President's behavior, it will benefit Trump if it succeeds.
"Speaking to the public and the press on matters of public concern is undoubtedly part of an elected official's job," they wrote. "Courts have thus consistently and repeatedly held that allegedly defamatory statements made in that context are within the scope of elected officials' employment -- including when the statements were prompted by press inquiries about the official's private life."
The White House said it hadn't been consulted by the Justice Department before the brief was filed.



8 Qer 2021




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Jessy Tinon
Jessy Tinon 22 orë më parë
Check the board of education, get your term back board of education NYC. Harris and Sotomayor!! Give trump back the term presidency!
LoveMy Xaxas
LoveMy Xaxas Ditë më parë
This is such crap!! Wth!
Zach Holsinger
Zach Holsinger 2 ditë më parë
Ok case closed!
Vitali Druzhinin
Vitali Druzhinin 2 ditë më parë
Donald Trump would love to play the historical processes of Fidel Castro's ' The History will absolve me..' after the Moncada Garrison failed coup. US justice ♎⚖️ must be stern in not letting that happen for his prospective re-election campaign in 2024 ,when Trump would incite in public court his follows to follow another suit in insurrection.
Vitali Druzhinin
Vitali Druzhinin 2 ditë më parë
Elliott William's legal argumentation is sound on the incongruent legality of Donal Trump substitute of his defendant figure head before Jury's deliberative efforts since you have a former full-fledged President elect of the United States of America appearing in public court . Trump has to respond in full as any normal US citizen in such delicate situation
Paul Bouchard
Paul Bouchard 3 ditë më parë
Trump is going to the Border,,,
Anthony Ozigho
Anthony Ozigho 3 ditë më parë
CNN today breaking new
rbbachrach 4 ditë më parë
Donald Trump - P.O.S.
ANIMALS RURAL 5 ditë më parë
cnn news
Ernest Dunlap
Ernest Dunlap 6 ditë më parë
Trump the CHUMP. Baby hand 2024. What a jokeeee
Lance Hill
Lance Hill 6 ditë më parë
The tradition of not prosecuting the president for crimes is something that has to be looked at seriously! And real plain language has to be used when writing any new law in the future since Republicans seem to want to play games whenever it's their guy under the microscope!
Matilda Abnes
Matilda Abnes 6 ditë më parë
Another DISTRACTION from Biden/Harris Do Nothing Democrats. Come On Man Speak the TRUTH as the AMERICA are wondering about Biden/Son ..... VIDEOS Available....why are they Not In Prison as there is PROOF people all over the World are Watching ....Are the DEMOCRATES above the LAW ?
Joseph Jucker
Joseph Jucker 7 ditë më parë
How is fighting to ensure the untouchability of the walking spray tan more important than equality under the law?
Fufner Keywheel
Fufner Keywheel 8 ditë më parë
No he is not here is why. He was not getting paid for being President. He did not take a paycheck. Lawsuit over!
My Space
My Space 8 ditë më parë
Teflon Don has made a mockery of our Judiciary system, and still protected by the same system; was the laws different for Nixon?
Angel Abundance
Angel Abundance 8 ditë më parë
Biden justice is the continuation of Donald trump incompetent's appointees. Until, all Donald trump appointees are remove from the justice department and removed KKK, whites supremacy from the in the military , FBI, and the local police this nonsense will continue.
Kiki 8 ditë më parë
Trump best president in USA history. I hope he wins 2024. Bad boy bad you what gone do when they come for you. Fall cabal I can’t wait for that to happen. Pedowood (Hollywood) is done. Lots of politicians are scare for their involvement at Jeffery Epstein island . Talk about that cnn. Your station loves to cover up like pizzagate and frazzle drip the people are awake
Sin Sincere
Sin Sincere 8 ditë më parë
Bio Lion
Bio Lion 8 ditë më parë
Just tell me the news as facts. I don't want your opinion on the facts. JUST THE FACTS *It's our responsibility to form our own opinions, not your responsibility to give us opinions! *
Esau Ikareth
Esau Ikareth 8 ditë më parë
Dems - now bowing to the devil 👿. inexcusable. Weaklings. I'd like to be more specific but I could get disrespectful. So, go figure.i agree with April Ryan.
ジョーイ Joey
ジョーイ Joey 9 ditë më parë
Trump is a true Chad and is untouchable and CNN and strangling themselves in jealousy lol HEY CNN IMPEACH THIS 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Ash Roskell
Ash Roskell 9 ditë më parë
Actually, that’s not a bad idea? Maybe they’ll put a public defender in place? They certainly wouldn’t fight the case with corruption, so her chances of winning go up. And, if she wins, against trump the, “employee of the government,” that opens him up to abuse of power charges, and doing bad things as a government employee generally? . . . Think about it? . . . 🤔😉
plumb loko
plumb loko 9 ditë më parë
Biden needs to remove the DOJ. The orange clown didn't play games. He removed people quick, no questions asked.
Flame Heart
Flame Heart 9 ditë më parë
He has to answer for his crime so do you guys... and btw Donald Trump is much more normal than you weirdo. Frankly it's not up to you to determine what his crime is. CNN you brought back an FBI agent fired for lying to senate and investigated Trump illegally with Democrats secret funding. You also hired back a guy who jack off on national TV. You represent the views of radicals and fake minorities not the majority of American... but you portray yourself as real unbiased rational mainstream news. Completely BS.
Flame Heart
Flame Heart 9 ditë më parë
That's rich CNN... you can't stay out of politics yourself. Completely BS everyday of the week.
M Pierre
M Pierre 9 ditë më parë
Trump is legit untouchable 🤣🤣🤣
ジョーイ Joey
ジョーイ Joey 9 ditë më parë
Trump is a true Chad and is untouchable and CNN and strangling themselves in jealousy lol HEY CNN IMPEACH THIS 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Julie Nelson
Julie Nelson 9 ditë më parë
Oh my...cant y'all just pick something to prosecute that idiot for...you have sooooo many options and I'm afraid nothing is gonna stick...which one of us "civilians" wouldn't be in prison for life over half of his indiscretions?? UGH...makes me physically ill!!
Teri Brown
Teri Brown 9 ditë më parë
The incident resulting in the defamation case happened before Trump was President. Trump was not speaking for the people or negotiating for the country, only for his personal defense against a personal legal issue. DOJ should not involve themselves in this case.
J Schultz
J Schultz 9 ditë më parë
You mean how Cnn Defames Trump & has been for 5+ years to push for their own Agenda?🤔Propaganda pushing Crooks
Rose Morgan
Rose Morgan 9 ditë më parë
Is this the Biden strategy in case the Tara Reed case becomes relevant again? Donald Trump is and was the very best president in our history. You people need help. If you can't see the chasm of difference between Donald Trump and his family and Joe Biden and his family then you are confirming TDS is very real and very scary for those of you who continue to deny the will and the choice of the people of this nation. We did N O T elect Joe, he was forced on us by the people who paid for his election, completely bypassing the will and the choice of the people. Don't you guys get it? We all know how the race was "saved" by "fortifying" the vote. Which, btw, will be revealed in uncertain terms very soon. America is not stupid and all you meanstream news outlets are tanking and we all know it, and worst of all, it's your own fault because your judgment mechanism is badly broken, evidenced by your cockamamie criticisms of a man who took your ship for four years without let up and came out as one of the most beloved men on the planet. My opinion, y'all are too stupid to see what the entire rest of the country sees. You guys need to wake up, you are on the losing and wrong side of simple reasoning. God bless America and Patriots everywhere.
Angela Caban
Angela Caban 9 ditë më parë
Trump need to pay for his own legal, tax payers should not have to foot his bills if that the case
Angela Caban
Angela Caban 9 ditë më parë
The Doj shouldn't be representing Trump, point blank period...If anything they should be prosecuting him for his obstruction charges and whatever else he is in trouble for... #NOREPJUSTPROSECUTE
Caroline Mc Carney
Caroline Mc Carney 9 ditë më parë
Trump snagged a porn a star while his fake wife was pregnant my god you bible bashers cracks me up f..k poor mel t
Caroline Mc Carney
Caroline Mc Carney 9 ditë më parë
Usa is so rotten in politics and putin has the photos and the tapes
Caroline Mc Carney
Caroline Mc Carney 9 ditë më parë
Biden needs Andrew to answer questions to fbi about Epstein
Sierra Guru
Sierra Guru 9 ditë më parë
"acted within the scope of his employment". Yeah, right.
K Smith
K Smith 9 ditë më parë
Tara Reade, how come CNN hasn’t covered her?
Marvin Guigar
Marvin Guigar 9 ditë më parë
Once again CNN is telling you people what you want to hear, once again you believe CNN, where's the proof of this story? Where's the solid evidence this ever happened? Last year a woman named Tara reade accused Joe Biden of sexual assaulting her I don't hear anything on that one, if you don't believe me Google it, yep CNN Fanning the Flames of hate that's because their ratings are in a toilet have a good day people.
Suresh G
Suresh G 9 ditë më parë
Okrakice nice ok
Carlo Jones
Carlo Jones 10 ditë më parë
Bull crap... your not protected if your speech is inflammatory or done malice in object. Let free speech not protected if done with such. Fire in a crowded theater. Like jan6.. they got to represent trump as his get sued cause he WAS prez when he made the speech on jan6 that incited the roit.🤦‍♂️🧠💩🐑🤡😎
Emily C
Emily C 10 ditë më parë
Arizona audit finds 200,000 ballots don’t exist. Biden “won” Arizona by 10,000
DjentleGiant 9 ditë më parë
Sandra Ullmann
Sandra Ullmann 10 ditë më parë
If they do protect him in this way and he loses he will claim that he was misrepresented because it's a democratic government
Sandra Ullmann
Sandra Ullmann 10 ditë më parë
Gee I didn't know rape was part of the rules of being president
Raven Vertigo
Raven Vertigo 10 ditë më parë
Your government is garbage America.
joe jack
joe jack 10 ditë më parë
Donald J. Trump needs to answer his crimes, attack on the United States of America, and his domestic terrorist act. The US DOJ should not shield private citizen Trump from his crimes against another American.
Next Level Tech
Next Level Tech 10 ditë më parë
I see
Elvis Bryan
Elvis Bryan 10 ditë më parë
Bunch of bull shit.
Amy Lynn
Amy Lynn 10 ditë më parë
The Department of Justice is not stupid enough to commit Trump's dumb crimes.
James Jingle
James Jingle 10 ditë më parë
America keeps trying to save face but the world knows America is POS with lady liberty bent backwards. Do better.
dragonfly6908 10 ditë më parë
To see CNN's hidden agenda anyone can type on ALdesk "CNN staffer caught on tape admitting network tried to get Trump out of office"
jie li
jie li 10 ditë më parë
where is corona virus infected most? where is corona virus dead most? where is corona virus original?
Dave Huff
Dave Huff 10 ditë më parë
Republicans are commies
Kimberly Jackson
Kimberly Jackson 10 ditë më parë
Ronald Remy
Ronald Remy 10 ditë më parë
So if this happens then john doe should be liable to the same treatment
Ronald Remy
Ronald Remy 10 ditë më parë
He will get for 6 out the park
shadowalkerwho 10 ditë më parë
Since when is defamation of a private citizen "part of the job" for a US President?!?! Being in office does not make everything done an act of that office.
Patricia Adams
Patricia Adams 10 ditë më parë
Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts 10 ditë më parë
Insider trading, slander, libel ....can someone give us peons a list of the laws that do not apply to the elect ?
lydsquiddle 10 ditë më parë
The only good that came from Trumps presidency was it exposed the holes and loopholes in our laws and government.
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz 11 ditë më parë
The only way United State can be cure. Is by sending Trump to jail. The world will see that we have a justice system that work. Bring and jail Republican traitors and we will have a justice system that work. And is equal. Alone this people stay free. This justice system is a total joke to us and to the world.
Mumbler 11 ditë më parë
CNN still has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome
Mumbler 11 ditë më parë
The CNN lie there never was a insurrection by President Trump
Michael H
Michael H 11 ditë më parë
With that logic why didn’t’t the DOJ defend Bill Clinton in the whitewater controversy, Paula Jones civil suit and cigar gate and Monica Lewinskiy in the White House?
Billy Kennedy
Billy Kennedy 11 ditë më parë
The Razor edge of DEMOCRACY PER "" KARL MARX""
Cristobal montano
Cristobal montano 11 ditë më parë
The job of a president is not to defame anybody but to look for the welfare of every American. If anything a president does is his job, then what stops him from killing everybody on the opposite side. so he can become a dictstor? This is how politicians end up creating a path for a corrupt president becoming a dictator.
vallejano54 11 ditë më parë
Garland is showing cowardice beyond belief.
RAT7163 11 ditë më parë
I think a lot of people just don’t understand law or the constitution. Then those same people go and make ridiculous statements about a non-issue. This is interesting legally but inappropriate for the layman to be hearing.
YesItsReallyKeith 11 ditë më parë
NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW !!! Since when is there a job that allows you to defame people legally ??? So cops can now insult and degrade more people cause its part of their job ? bus drivers, truckers, call center workers, waiters can all be defamatory towards clients when their job calls for it !! BS !!!! a lawsuit is a lawsuit and a panel of 12 jurors should decide !!!! The DOJ is setting a precedence if they proceed with this nonsense !!!
Ti Gq
Ti Gq 11 ditë më parë
But...he was a civilian when the crime happened, he should have civilian council not doj
Hypno Kitten
Hypno Kitten 11 ditë më parë
The DOJ should not be protecting Trump because Trump is accused of criminal misconduct... which the DOJ should be investigating in the first place, regardless of what office the person is in. Trump is an employee, not a king, and the DOJ would investigate other employees accused of criminal misconduct. So at best they have a conflict of interest and at worst they should be on the other side of the table. And the thing of 'well they have to protect employees'... No.. they would be defending a DOJ employee working in a DOJ capacity. Trump was not a DOJ employee. He was a federal employee. But the DOJ would investigate someone at the FBI, CIA, rest of the alphabets, they should be investigating Trump
Gary Jeffers
Gary Jeffers 11 ditë më parë
Ain't life a bitch? They never thought anyone would ever act like authoritarian don but now that he has, the now principled doj feels compelled to protect that shit stain and future presidents!
Doug Zieman
Doug Zieman 11 ditë më parë
What the f**k?
C Rahming
C Rahming 11 ditë më parë
just a ghoul in the world
just a ghoul in the world 11 ditë më parë
Revert to the rape charge and see how keen the DOJ is.
pugetwitch 11 ditë më parë
Stink Finger
Stink Finger 11 ditë më parë
She wants some. Can't get it. So complains that someone did. No one would...unless you are blind
Terry Martinez
Terry Martinez 11 ditë më parë
Well Hell everything goes now and that's FUCKIN Crazyyyy !!!! It's a bunch of Horse Shit !!!🤬🤬🤬🤬
Have to wait and see!
Have to wait and see! 11 ditë më parë
CNN Are you gonna ask Adam Schiff about him going to AT&T and illegally pulling phone records and Data on his Colleagues?
Rob Clark
Rob Clark 11 ditë më parë
The Reason
The Reason 11 ditë më parë
I said it once and I’ll say it again. Trump can do WHATEVER HE WANTS and no one will do a damn thing about it. It is mind blowing. Law? Rules?😂😂😅🤣
Richard Bucker
Richard Bucker 11 ditë më parë
and by the justice dept taking the case it may create it's own conflict of interest in possible future cases against trump
Paul Dudley
Paul Dudley 11 ditë më parë
YESSSS April Ryan, I have been saying the same thing that trump wanted to stay in office in order to avoid his illegal mess. That's why I believe he is not dropping the subject as as his cases are coming closer to inditements.
Ideal Paradox
Ideal Paradox 11 ditë më parë
This is simple! Now Biden can defame anyone he wants including Donald Trump! If the DOJ succeeds Biden will have a power that is unrestrained! Trump creates a hole that saves himself and makes Biden more powerful.
Paul Dudley
Paul Dudley 11 ditë më parë
Baaaddd move. C'mon, AG Garland!
Nancy Caballero
Nancy Caballero 11 ditë më parë
BeeKay Dee
BeeKay Dee 11 ditë më parë
Say what???
James Ricker
James Ricker 11 ditë më parë
If the DOJ is the defendant, what information do they get access to?
JP Schlecht
JP Schlecht 11 ditë më parë
You joking right this is all about cover ups
Sherman Bourg
Sherman Bourg 11 ditë më parë
If Rump committed this act as president then he should not be protected reguardless!
imperiousHd Legends Enmity
imperiousHd Legends Enmity 11 ditë më parë
Yo it's so toxic that this one time I went to this movie called birds of prey and I literally caught $50 on fire cuz I wasn't even there for 20 minutes I'm tired of sexual equalities and how in 2020 the average white dude named Jeff gets less when a guy like me just want to change the world and dissipate drought spiritual thinking 🤔
helena Troy
helena Troy 11 ditë më parë
Keep trying. One of these years.
Barbara Alibozek
Barbara Alibozek 11 ditë më parë
Not Today! Arrest trump Now!
Marshall Miller
Marshall Miller 11 ditë më parë
I hope not please set the precedent the doj can not.peotect a president after.
Tirzah Israel
Tirzah Israel 12 ditë më parë
As I have always said these people are in kahoots with one another. They are All unethical.
McLovin 12 ditë më parë
This country's mantra of "Nobody is above the law" was working just fine, for the most part, until this idiot came along and threw a wrench into America's gears. He's not worth protecting or defending in ANY way!
Cristina Ferrara
Cristina Ferrara 12 ditë më parë
Did Elliot Williams transform into April Ryan?
Peter Brenc
Peter Brenc 12 ditë më parë
As he wasn't talking about presidential matters why should the current DOJ be involved???🤬🤬🤬
Door Spook
Door Spook 12 ditë më parë
ROBIN BANKS 12 ditë më parë
Now that Trump has left office is under numerous investigations he's going to go down on one of them at least.
TheEvolver311 12 ditë më parë
Trump still killing the myth of meritocracy driving the Neo-Liberals crazy and isn't even in power any more.
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